The American crocodile had been isolated in a reptile park enclosure for 16 years when she laid a clutch of eggs.

1st ever ‘virgin birth’ in crocodile on record

The American crocodile had been isolated in a reptile park enclosure for 16 years when she laid a clutch of eggs.
The first batch of biotech potatoes harvest at the centre in Kuru in 2022

A tweak to help potatoes withstand late blight disease

Serah Kwapo has had a nightmare for the 30 years she has been growing potatoes—that an infestation of late blight disease could wipe out...
Biotech-Potato Harvest at the CFT site in Kuru, near Jos: Photo: AATF

Celebration as Nigeria harvests first batch of biotech potatoes

Elder Isaiah Buwah is an aged potato farmer, in the Bokos Local Government area of Plateau State, North Central Nigeria. He has grown potatoes...

How to protect research ideas as a junior scientist

Ijeoma Opara learnt some hard lessons after getting scooped in a grant application.

A few tablets a day keep rickets away

1000mg of calcium a day, or a bit of corrective surgery, is all it takes to deal with a prevalence of rickets in Kaduna

J&J Single-dose COVID-19 vaccine rolls out next week

A first batch of 177,600 doses of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine against COVID-19 arrived Nigeria on Thursday in efforts to vaccination in hard-to-reach...

Infrastructure fund Africa50 helps Egypt’s solar power sector take off

A 37-square-kilometer solar park so large that it can be seen from space, with over seven million photovoltaic panels, and funding of $4 billion....

3 in 4 Americans lose sleep sharing a bed with a partner

Three-quarters of Americans say sharing a bed with their partner negatively affects their sleep quality—and the situation has gotten worse for 25% of them...

Study finds chloroquine doesn’t help Covid-19 patients, and could hurt instead

Administering chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19 may be harming patients more than it is helping them, a large-scale study has found. The study, published...
U.S President-elect, Donald Trump

Trump takes flak for suggesting injecting disinfectant to treat coronavirus

The medical community has criticised US president Donald Trump for suggesting research into whether coronavirus might be treated by injecting disinfectant into the body...

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